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Welcome in CDPP-ATHENA dokuwiki.

This site provides access to the results obtained by the CDPP and IRAP team for the characterization of the “soft” particle environment in the aim to provide input for modelling the background of the XIFU instrument onboard ATHENA.

Main sections of the site:

  1. STRUCTURES (restricted access) is dedicated to the study of the location and dynamics of the large scale structures (magnetotail, plasma sheet, lobes/mantle, magnetopause, magnetosheath, bow shock) and the caracterization of the plasma and magnetic field conditions.
  2. SPECTRA (restricted access) is the repository the results on energetic ions (50 - 1000 KeV) to be organized in respect of the plasma regimes, geomagnetic activity, solar wind conditions, etc…
  3. SEP (restricted access)

Most the pages are open for restricted access which can be asked to Christian Jacquey (

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